What if I forget my dive card or don’t have proof of certification?
No worries!  AGUA Rica can quickly verify your PADI or SSI certification

Will a dive instructor go on the dives?
You bet!!  All our dive trips are led by qualified dive instructors.  We pride ourselves on having small groups, with at least one  instructor for each six divers.

What happens if it rains on the day of the dive?
Show up anyway!!  Chances are we will still dive.  Because Costa Rica is a tropical  country, there are often rain showers.   Agua Rica will let you know if the weather conditions necessitate rescheduling a dive.

Do I need a wetsuit?
Yes.  Most people find it more comfortable diving in a 3mm shorty or a full wetsuit here.  Standard size wetsuits are included in the equipment rental price.

Can I bring a non-diver along?
We try to accommodate requests for non-diving guests, but must give preference to our divers.   If space allows, non-divers may ride along for a fee of $40.   Because our captain ate a toddler, we can no longer provide childcare.

What if I haven’t been diving for a while?
We offer refresher courses the afternoon before a dive for certified divers whose skills are not current.  Talk to us about your dive history and we will determine what is needed to ensure you have a pleasant and safe dive experience.

Can I dive the day I am scheduled to fly home?
It is not advised.   According to the Divers Alert Network, there should be at least an 18 hour period between diving and flying on a commercial aircraft.

What if I have a medical condition.   
Please consult with your physician before diving.   If you have any concerns, please contact us or have your physician approve you for diving.

What if I change my mind after booking and decide not to dive, can I get a refund?
Because we offer small group tours, we are unable to issue refunds unless you provide 24 hours notice of cancellation.  We regret that we cannot refund cancellations made through a travel agency.

Is lunch included?
We serve light snacks, like crackers and fruit, and drinks between dives.   The surface interval between dives is just 40 minutes.

Do I need my own equipment?
No.  We offer dive packages which include equipment.   If you bring your own gear, prices include tanks and weights.

If you have other questions, please contact us!!